BUCKTOOL Wall-Mount Dust Collector (1HP Model)

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A working environment where the air is filled with dust, debris, gas, dirt or chemicals is not safe for workers. Clean air and a quieter working environment are every homeowner’s dream, and that’s exactly what Bucktool 1 HP dust collector delivers, that and great power. Bucktool is a professional power tool brand that has been around for over a decade and has a reputation for delivering only the best to its customers at consumer-friendly prices.


When it comes to dust collectors, suction power is everything, and Bucktool’s 1HP dust collector does not disappoint. Most dust collectors boast a 550CFM air flow, but when it comes down to testing them in their real-world applications and you’ll quickly find out that they don’t quite measure up. But not this dust collector, plug it in and watch the 1HP TEPC induction motor collect the dust right from the source.

It also has a good amp of 6.5 which can handle just about any hungry woodworking machine with very minimal static pressure loss. It has a maximum static pressure of 1440Pa.


This dust collector comes with an 80” long hose pipe that has a diameter of 4 inches. The high-quality hose pipe is designed to last for years efficiently filtering out air to a 2-micron dust bag with a capacity of 13 gallons.


Bucktool 1HP dust collector has tons of amazing features all aimed to increase convenience and reliability.

Firstly, it has both a portable and a wall-mount design; it has been fitted with caster wheels with brakes for easy movement around the site, and can be also mounted on the wall using wall mount kits if you’re looking to save space. Apart from the caster wheels, it also has a portable handle that increases the ease of movement from one site to another.

And for the sake of your fingers, it has a safety cap to prevent you from accidentally touching the 288 diameter fan blade. The fan blade has an impeller speed of 3450 RPM, so you really don’t want your fingers going anywhere near that.

This dust collector is 21.4 inches by 18.3 inches and 16.5 inches thick and weighs 47.5 pounds which, for a dust collector, is pretty light.

You also won’t mind having it around owing to its 92 decibels operating noise. However, prolonged exposure is not advised as it may cause some hearing problems.


This industry-level quality dust collector sells at a wallet-happy prices.


If you have been searching for something powerful enough to pick up those pesky large chips from saws, jointers, planers, and shapers, then Bucktool 1HP dust collector is the solution.

The Bucktool 1HP dust collector meets all compliance regulations and is designed to improve health and safety, increase productivity, and better the product quality by giving you a clean working environment and happy employees.

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BUCKTOOL Wall-Mount Dust Collector (1HP Model)

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