Central Machinery 2 HP Dust Collector

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If your workplace is often filled with dust, such as debris, sawdust, or dirt, getting a dust collector is essential, both for safety and health reasons. It is so because wearing masks and safety goggles is not enough as dust somehow finds its way inside your mask after it has been in the air for a long time.

Therefore, because of this, you should contemplate getting a dependable dust collector, and you need not look any further as the Central Machinery 2 HP Industrial 5 Micron Dust Collector is an ideal pick for you. With this machine, you get power and affordability all in a single package.


It weighs 103 pounds plus has an overall dimension of 33” x 22” x 75-1/2” (L x W x H) thus making it reasonably easy to move around in comparison to other similar dust collectors. Moreover, there are four locking swivel casters which assist further in making the transportation of this equipment to any location you want easy, and this is very convenient and practical. There also is a lockable toggle switch which enables you to firmly position after you reach the location where you need it installed.

This dust collector has a 20-amp peak, 120 volts, 2 HP, 60 Hz plus a single-phase motor, and these are crucial as they safeguard the machine runs efficiently while still generating sufficient power.

The air suction capacity of this dust collector is 1550 CFM, as well as an RPM of 3450 which subsequently offers this machine with ample suction power to accomplish all your tasks effectively. Likewise, when it is running, it does not produce lots of noise, and this is quite convenient as it allows you to concentrate on your work thereby leading to increased productivity.

The diameter of both the exhaust and intake is 4” with this the perfect size for getting rid even the finest dirt, sawdust and debris with ease. Furthermore, its dust collection system integrates a clear bottom bag so that you get to see whatever is being collected. Usually, the collection bags are two and come together with hex wrenches as well as casters.


Assembling the parts of this dust collector is easy and straightforward. Thus, it is ideal for you even if you are less skilled at assembling such equipment, with the only challenging issue you might experience is the installation of a new lower bag. Likewise, an instruction manual is available in case you you get mixed up when assembling this dust collector.


This dust collector is available at half the price of some of its competitors while still delivering you with incredible performance. Additionally, due to its robust build quality, it guarantees you utility for a long duration thereby further underlining why this is the dust collector of choice to address all your needs.


Therefore, if you have been searching for the dust collector that will effectively address all your needs with exceptional performance but still affordable, Central Machinery 2 HP Industrial 5 Micron Dust Collector is perfect for you. Purchasing this dust collector will be a decision you never will regret for the many years it remains useful.

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