Delta Power Corporation

Delta-Power-Corporation Dust Collector

Delta Power Corporation is a leading manufacturer of industrial dust collectors, they make some of the best dust collectors and they have customers who use these dust collectors in virtually all areas of the industry.

Delta has been around for quite some time, they produce some of the best woodworking equipment and focus on manufacturing quality dust collectors. Just like its other power woodworking tools, Delta Power Corporation is a leader in the dust collector field.  We will be seeing some of the dust collectors that Delta Power Corporation manufactures and their key features.

  1. 50-723 1 Hp Dust Collector

The 50-723 1 hp dust collector is a very helpful tool that helps one achieve the desired results faster and it provides an even better air cleaning service. The device comes with a better motor and blower; it has a support frame and a micron filtration bag with a sewn-in bag ring. The 50-723 1 hp dust collector also sports a 6 millimeter plastic collection bag, 2 swivel caster assemblies, 2 large wheels, a cord and a plug. This dust collector comes packed with all essential features—features that have been improved.


  • 1 standard micron filtration bag: This keeps your work area and the air space safer and cleaner. This filtration bag is able to contain all dust particles that may be flying around. To enjoy this filtration bag, it should either be cleaned regularly or even changed in due time, this will ensure that the cleanliness and the safety of the work area is maintained.
  • Sewn-in and snap-in filter bag ring: This sewn-in and snap-in filter bag ring is much faster and easier to use, it also eliminates the need to use a cam-over-lock style clamps.
  • TEFC induction motor: This induction motor is what makes this dust collector last longer than it should, it also gives the tool a smooth performance and it protects the motor from being damaged by dusts. Just like the filtration bag, the induction motor also needs to be cleaned on a regular basis and maintained promptly, so as to enjoy it for as long as possible.
  • Sturdy wheels: The sturdy wheels are perfect for moving the dust collector, it’s easy to move and adjust based on your needs. Do you want to change the location of the dust collector? This wheels are the perfect fit.

50-767 1.5 hp dust collector

This is another dust collector that the Delta Power Corporation manufactures. It is of a higher grade when compared to the Delta Power Corporation 50-7234 1 hp dust collector, and it serves a bigger area and lasts longer due to its durability. This is one dust collector that is known, not just for being durable but also for being user-friendly. Let’s see some things about the 50-767 1.5 hp dust collector.

The 50-767 1.5 hp dust collector comes with a motor and blower; it has a support frame and 1 micron filtration bag. The dust collector also sports a sewn-in ring, 6 millimeter plastic chip collection bag, 1 snap-in filter bag ring and two 4-inch intake ports. The dust collector also has 2 swivel caster assemblies, two large 8-inch wheels, a long cord and a plug. All nuts, bolts and washers come in individual packs.

  • It has a Standard sewn-in micron filtration bag, helping you achieve a cleaner and safer shop in a cost effective way.
  • A sewn-in, snap-in filter bag ring. This is faster and it also eliminates the need for cam-over lock style clamps.
  • A powerful TEFC induction motor. This motor lasts long, it performs well, it doesn’t fail unless care is not being given to it and it protects against all damaging dusts. To get the best out of this machine, do not allow dust to accumulate on it and don’t even run the machine in a less conducive environment.
  • The 6 millimeter plastic chip collection bag does a good job in showing you just when you should clean the dust in the bag, and if the dust is cleaned promptly, you will really enjoy the quality of the air you have in your work area.
  • A sturdy steel base that comes with four easy gliding wheels is the perfect feature, one that makes moving of the dust collector easier, either from machine to machine or to another area where it is much needed.

Added Benefits of Delta’s Dust Collectors

The dust collectors have strong welds and few caveats. In addition to the dust collector, Delta Power Corporation also offers you a stamped out wrench that is really slim, so you can secure the wheels easily.

The products have been manufactured with care and expertise, all engineering and fittings are in the best condition. Although the sound level is much higher than JDS dust collector, it has an edge in the quality of its cleaning, making up for the louder noise.

The dust collector is mobile, making it easy to move. This dust collector reaches a total of about 96-inches after it has been completely set, making it the tallest dust collector yet.

The Delta dust collector has a lesser volume lower bag which collects the bigger particles, and its upper bag which is much larger does the work of collecting the smaller particles, providing a double-filtered cleaned air.

Something that you stand to enjoy is the quality, those who may have used some other power tools from Delta Power Corporation can attest to the fact that the power tool manufacturer is known for its range of quality products; so you can buy this dust collector, confident that you have a dust collector that has you covered.

Talking about health, you gain more from these dust collectors. It has been discovered that the most harmful dusts to any human is the 5 micron sized particles, so using the Delta Power Corporation dust collector cleans the air of this sizes of particles and lesser, while still providing you the best user experience ever.