Dust Deputy Deluxe Cyclone Separator (5 Gallon Kit)

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Dust collection technologies have greatly improved over the last few years. It is now very rare to come across people sweeping and mopping thanks to the modern technologies like the dust deputy deluxe anti-static cyclone. The technologies are completely revolutionized to offer a quick collection of debris and dust. The Dust Deputy Deluxe uses air suction technology that helps to solve the issue of a blocked air filter. Although the small dust particles may seem insignificant, if they are not cleaned, they can greatly affect the performance and efficiency of the unit.

Oneida is a big name in the air systems industry that is committed to offering high-quality equipment with the best possible customer service by combining the best technology with the best expert professionals. Since its introduction in the market, the dust deputy air system by Oneida has changed how people view air suction technology.

Suction power

The unit is designed to keep your filter cleaner by separating 99 percent of the materials before they hit your vacuum. The unit’s technology is designed for the most demanding environments. In a woodworking session, the more dust you produce, the greater your input, but without a functional dust collection unit, you may have to spend more time cleaning the dust than cleaning it. Luckily, with the dust deputy deluxe anti-static cyclone, you can be sure that no sawdust reaches your vacuum.

The unit is designed to help maximize work efficiency without requiring much maintenance. The deluxe anti-static cyclone comes with two ports. One port is for connection to the vacuum, and the other is for dust inlet. You can also choose to connect it directly to the machine if you like. Although it is designed for heavy-duty dust collection, you can also use it for your daily cleaning by moving it with a vacuum.


With an injection molded translucent anti-static resin, the dust deputy deluxe is built for a highly demanding working environment. It features a centrifugal force that allows it to capture and remove 99 percent of debris and dust with great efficiency. Its great power ensures that the dust and debris from the air-stream do not reach the filter of your vacuum eliminating the suction loss that comes with clogged filters. Its versatile design also means that it can be adapted for use with your dust collector or any vacuum.

The unit also comes with tapered 2.0-inch inlet and outlet ports for secure fittings with a variety of hoses sizes. It also comes with a 5 Gallon Dust Deputy Deluxe kit that features a 5-gallon dust bucket with a pre-cut lid, a 3-inch hose, a 5-gallon sidecar bucket, and clamps and casters.


The Oneida Dust Deputy Deluxe can be used for a wide variety of materials that include shavings, wood chips, drywall dust, sanding dust, silica dust, clay dust, granular powders, bakery dust and flour, grass clippings, stones, and gravel and cooled ash and soot. It can also be used to collect metal scraps, animal hair, soil, and grinding dust and debris. The unit also has a longer lifespan saving you countless time and money on expensive replacements.

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Dust Deputy Deluxe Anti-Static Cyclone Separator 5 Gallon Kit

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