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A dust collection system offers ultimate convenience to the users, which no other product can offer. There might be many designs available in the market, but Grizzly G0710P 1 HP Wall Hanging Dust Collector – Polar Bear Series is the best. It is an efficient device, which helps maintain safety, health, and environmental requirements of your house/shops. This dust control system not only aids in decreasing the dust emissions but also protects you and your family from diseases, which are developed by air-borne pollutants.


The Grizzly G0710P 1 HP Wall Hanging Dust Collector is different from others. It makes your work much easier. Now, cleaning the house or shop is no longer a big issue when this product is in your hand. Here are some of the evidences, which are provided by the customer reviews; all of them prove why the efficiency of this product is better than the others.

This dust collector has the dimensions of 20.5 x 19.2 x 16.8 inches, which makes it easier to move around the house. It consists of an inflated bag, which comes along with a secured switch. The lower bag is removable and can store a lot of dust. The upper and lower bags work simultaneously. When the machine is switched on, the upper one filters the dust particles and the lower one stores them. The diameter and the depth of bags are around 13-1/2 inch x 24 inches. The motor is of 1 HP, but it is powerful and works on 110 to 220 volts in a single phase. It is prewired for better functioning, so there is no need of batteries. The air suction capacity is of 537 CFM.

It is compatible with other attachments, which supplement the process of cleaning. The weight of the item is 45.8 pounds, which is just ideal for moving it without any difficulty.


This Grizzly machine is a product, which will never disappoint you. It is extremely beneficial and provides luxurious experience in less time and cost.

No risk of fire: No risk of fire or dust explosion is involved when this product is in use. It is safer to use. It increases the safety of your environment.

Clean and odorless environment: It does not leave any unpleasant odors around you as it cleans everything. It also enhances the visibility of the workplace.

Reduces cost:  The use of this product reduces cleaning cost. Valuable materials are well protected because the dust does not accumulate on them. The maintenance of house/workplace becomes much easier.


It cannot be used on wet floors and dry collection can be done only. Some people do not clean the dust bag after usage, which can create problems with functioning later on.


The Grizzly G0710P 1 HP Wall Hanging Dust Collector is a big product with a small name. It has all the features, which you can think of in a huge dust collector system. It offers convenience with high-class quality. So, if you really want to get rid of dust, then buy this product with full confidence.

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Grizzly G0710P Review

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