Grizzly G1028Z2 1-1/2 HP Dust Collector Review

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Finding a perfectly well-suiting dust collector, which is as per your needs and specifications, can be quite a difficult task to perform due to the wide range available in the market. After days of research and gathering information, I finally came to the conclusion that the Grizzly G1028Z2 1-½ HP Dust Collector was perfect for me owing to its flexible design, which can work in almost any shop whether big or small. Coming with a 1-year warranty from Grizzly, this dust collector is truly a wonder machine that takes away all our dust-collecting woes to provide us with fresh and pure air.

Main Features

With a 45-minutes assembly time, the Grizzly G1028Z2 1-½ HP Dust Collector is equipped with a 2.5-micron filtration bag, which cleanses the air off impure particles that cause harm to the users’ respiratory system. The steel base has casters that ensure mobility of the dust collector while the green powder-coated paint makes it scratch-resistant and erosion-free. The 1.5 HP TEFC motor is a single-phase one that has a speed of 3450 RPM and is prewired to 120V while being sealed in and permanently lubricated. Having a cord and plug connection type, the dust collector has a paddle safety switch that comes with a safety key to prevent any unauthorized usage of the product.

This particular dust collector from Grizzly Inc. weighs 107.8 pounds with an overall height of 78 inches. This item must be shipped in an upright position to prevent any damage. This single-stage dust collector is the perfect choice for any type of wood dust with an airflow performance of 1300 CFM. With a maximum static pressure of 9 inches at 0 CFM, the dust collector comes with a 6-inches main inlet with 2-adapter inlet and has a bag capacity of 5.7 cubic feet. The 12 ¾ inches impeller is a radial fin cast aluminum one that further improves the quality of the product. Optional replacement bags are also available if required by the customers.


Out of the many advantages of the Grizzly G1028Z2 1-½ HP Dust Collector let us discuss a few. It has an easy assembling, which saves time for the users who can manage to set it up in a short while. Its durable bags hold a large amount of dust without the need of emptying too often. The G1028Z2 Dust Collector comes with a powerful motor, which filters the air in no time, leaving behind fresh air to breathe in. Although being quite powerful, the dust collector makes bearable noise, unlike most products. The steel body of the dust collector makes it last for a long time, ensuring its durability while the safety key prevents any unauthorized usage of the dust collector by anyone.


The negative aspects of this dust collector are that it can only be used for wood-type dust and is a bit on the heavier side of the scale.


Order the large capacity Grizzly G1028Z2 1-½ HP Dust Collector from Grizzly Industrial Inc. today and keep your workshop free from any impurities that are causing trouble for you.

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