Grizzly G1163P Light Duty Dust Collector Review

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As the word dust collector implies here, the Grizzly G1163P 1 HP Light Duty Dust Collector, Polar Bear Series is specially designed to manage the process of dust collection with ultimate efficiency. It becomes a challenge for many people to have a personal dust collector, but this one seems to solve the problem. It is an affordable device, which gives peak performance. Even though it is a light duty product, but you will find it extremely useful. It can fit in a very small space and is easy to carry anywhere around the house/shop.


Here are some salient features of the product, which can help you to guide about the Grizzly G1163P 1 HP Light Duty Dust Collector. Have a look what this product from the Polar Bear Series can offer you:

  •  The Grizzly G1163P 1 HP Light Duty Dust Collector is an effective dust collector available in white color.
  • It has a weight of 50.4 pounds and is easy to carry anywhere.
  • The motor of this dust collector works on 1 – HP, which requires 120V/240V of power to work in a single phase.
  • There are also 9-1/2 inch bags provided in it, which inflate with dust during the collection process. Can be detached for cleaning purposes.
  •  The bare tools and the additional attachments are provided with the product for better functioning.
  • The product dimensions are 17x 19.8 x 20.5 inches, which is much convenient, and it does not require a huge space for storage.
  • There are no batteries required to run it.


The Grizzly G1163P 1 HP Light Duty Dust Collector offers numerous benefits, but the most noticeable ones are given below:

  • The best feature of this product is that it is designed for an effective dust collection process, which gives a cleaner and pleasant atmosphere to work in.
  • It maintains a healthy environment around you by preventing the dust-borne diseases.
  • The small size of this product makes it easier to use in the hidden corners of the house. It is a perfect dust collector in true sense!
  • The product is highly cost-efficient; it provides the same cleaning as given by a full dust collection system in affordable price.
  • Not even a single noise is heard when you use the product, which makes it easier to use even while your baby is sleeping.


  • The collection bag is not good to use if too much woodwork is performed because it is not easier to remove it for cleaning.
  • Some people find it difficult to change the dust bag after the work has been completed.


A great dust collection system is powerful enough to distinguish itself from the good ones; just like the Grizzly G1163P 1 HP Light Duty Dust Collector. It is a well-designed system, which gives a safer environment to work and the user spends the precious time, less on the cleaning and more on the creative activities.

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