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These products include different woodworking and metalworking machinery items such as the table saws and drill presses. One of these handy products manufactured by this well-known company are dust collectors, designed with perfection to fulfill the needs of the customers. They provide their clients with complete satisfaction and maintain the trust, which the customers have bestowed in Grizzly.

Grizzly’s Dust Collectors

A wide range of dust collectors manufactured by this U.S based company is available throughout the country and can be ordered online. They are delivered to the customers in a short span of a few days. Let us have a look at a few of these dust collectors and explore what they have to offer to their customers.

  1. Grizzly G8027 1 HP Dust Collector

A powerful machine at an extremely affordable price, the Grizzly G8027 dust collector comes equipped with a 1 HP motor at 110V and 8A. Working wonderfully for designing table shapes and sanders, this machine is highly portable making it possible to carry while on outdoor jobs and is relatively quiet as compared to other dust collectors. Its 2 cubic feet bag capacity allows a great amount of space for holding the dust and other particles. The Grizzly G8027 1 HP Dust Collector has a shipping weight of approximately 67 lbs. With its ability to be connected to various machines, it does wonders to any small shop. Another good 1 HP model is the G0710P.

  1. Grizzly G0583Z 1 HP Canister Dust Collector

Having a shipping weight of 74 pounds and an approximate height of 59 inches, the 1 HP Canister Dust Collector is an easy-to-clean equipment. It requires the user to turn the handle at the top to clear out the filter of the canister.  Coming with a 1 HP motor, the machine is a single-phase one with a capacity of 2.1 cubic feet in its lower bag and a static pressure of 3.3”. This wondrous product by Grizzly Industrial Inc. can be ordered online directly through the company without any in-between links and will be delivered within a few working days. Shipping charges are included in case of delivery.

  1. Grizzly G0673 – 10 HP Industrial Dust Collector

Managing all the dust and irritating particles that cause nuisance is no bed of roses as it can be extremely challenging, especially if you own a large workplace. The Grizzly G0673 – 10 HP Industrial Dust Collector handles your dust-related worries with quite an ease. With a total of 48 cubic feet storage capacity, the dust collector allows the customer to gather dust from any dust-producing machine without having the need to empty the collection bags after every few hours. Its 10 HP motor is highly powerful, is 3-phase and has a static pressure of 17.9”.

  1. Grizzly G0638HEP – 10 HP 3-Phase Dual-filtration HEPA Cyclone Dust

Equipped with a HEPA filter system, the Grizzly Dual-filtration HEPA Cyclone Dust handles all duct systems, which have a static pressure being less than 16.8”. It comes equipped with noise reduction features that tend to minimize the noise and keep the level below 90 dB. The HEPA Cyclone Dust Collector is the perfect miracle machine for woodworking shops that have a number of machines being operated at the same time and that too throughout the day. It has a shipping weight of around 1555 pounds and comes included with a magnetic switch, which is remote controlled, a stand a Class “F” motor with high power.

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  • While providing any sort of maintenance to the machine, disconnect it at any cost to ensure safety
  • Empty the bags used for collection way before they fill up completely
  • Do not try to lubricate the machine by yourself as the product is completely covered and must not be touched unless the parts are required to be changed
  • Wear a mask or any other covering on your face when emptying or handling the dust collector to prevent any allergies or diseases
  • Use air filters, which trap smaller particles that the dust collector is unable to seize
  • Never use the dust collector as a vacuum cleaner for the workplace or for any other purpose other than the intended one
  • Read the manual thoroughly before making use of the product


All Grizzly products come with a warranty of one year from the date of original purchase and are only for the original buyer of the product. Receipt or any other proof of purchase of the product must be shown in order to claim the warranty associated with the dust collectors. Warranty shall only be for any defects on the part of the company and not in the case of improper care or misuse of the product.