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Dust Collection systems must be an essential part of any wood-related workshop. They must be given the due importance as they tend to clear out the air surrounding the operators of the machines and also improve the efficiency of the machinery aiming to bring it to its peak. With a wide range of dust collectors available in the markets, Jet Tools has truly made its mark in the industry while managing to gain the trust of its valuable customers. One similar product from Jet is the DC-1100VX-5M Dust Collector, which consists of the Vortex Cone Technology that improves the efficiency of the machines by preventing any clogging of the filter. This product review will let you know about all the details of this dust collector from Jet Machinery. Keep on reading for further details!


The DC-1100VX-5M Dust Collector from Jet Tools is a powerful product with a 1.5 HP, 1 phase motor, which is prewired at 115 volts. Its Vortex Cone technology separates chips effectively and prevents them from clogging the filter. The collection bag has a diameter of 20 inches while the capacity of the bags is 5.3 cubic feet with a length of 30 inches. The 79-inch dust collector weighs around 130 pounds and has a static pressure of 10.5 inches of water.

Coming with a 5-years free repairing warranty from Jet, the DC-1100VX-5M Dust Collector has a flow rate of 1100 CFM. It filters out almost 98% of 5-micron particles and 74% of particles measuring 1-micron. The sound rating of this particular dust collector is at 70 to 80 decibels. Its dual dust ports of 4 inches allow it to be connected to two machinery items at the same time, which helps to collect dust from both machines, keeping the air and workshop clean. The steel impeller present in the dust collector improves the intake of air and the four casters at the base ensure mobility and portability of the dust collector from Jet.


All products come with their set of pros and cons with this product being no exception. A few of the numerous advantages of the Jet DC-1100VX-5M Dust Collector are that its easy instructions make assembling and set up quite simple for all users. Its powerful motor provides great suction, which purifies the air to the maximum level. Its single stage design offers a quiet operation and is economical for the users.

The enclosed motors of the dust collector are permanently lubricated, which ensures that heavy-duty work is performed with ease. Plus it requires less bag changes as compared to other products available in the market.


The bag supports are a bit flimsy in the Jet DC-1100VX-5M Dust Collector.


The Jet DC-1100VX-5M Dust Collector is a great purchase for all woodworkers who are aiming to perform well at what they do while keeping their surrounding dust-free. This is necessary to ensure their safety from health issues and to maintain a clean environment. Get hold of this product today and make all the dust you can for this collector will clear it all out for you at an affordable price!

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Jet DC-1100VX-5M Review

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