POWERTEC Portable Dust Collector (Model DC1510)

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Often, your work station is most probably filled with dust, and this may either be sawdust, dirt or debris. Therefore, it is necessary that you get a dust collector for your health and safety as this may lead to a plunge in your overall productivity. Additionally, using safety goggles and masks is never enough because dust particles after being in the air for an extended period find a way of getting inside your mask.

It is for this reason that you need to get yourself a dust collector, and one excellent choice you need to consider is the POWERTEC DC1510 Portable Dust Collector. This equipment will see to it that all your dust-related troubles are solved.


The specifications of this dust collector which help in the delivery of optimum performance include a hose two meters long, an air flow of 108 CFM, 120 Volt, 1.5-HP, 60 Hz, 1100 Watts, 9.5 amp, a 50L canister capacity plus a suction connector of 4 inches. All these combine to ensure the dust collector is powerful and efficient thereby ensuring it always is reliable in the delivery of optimal performance.

This dust collector comes in a compact size as its dimension is 17 x 17 x 28 inches and weighs 26.7 consequently making it perfect both for home and professional workshops.  Moreover, it comes in a streamlined design, a rugged construction, plus is lightweight and this further allows for more effective usability as well as effortless portability. Therefore, thanks to its easy mobility, moving this dust collector right to the point of origin of pollutants and dust is made possible. Subsequently, this helps you alleviate the need for constructing a whole fixed dust-collection system as well as the requirement to build separate connections for each machine.

Integrated into this dust collector is a filter bag which guarantees the filtering of even the finest particles. So, this means that the virtually, fresh and clean breathable air gets circulated back into your work station. The clean work surfaces as well as enhance air-quality ensure you get to enjoy the pleasure of accomplishing all your woodworking objectives in a perfect environment.

Featured in this versatile dust collector is a static or stationary dust collection system if need be. Additionally, you can decide to position this dust collector near any machine that you are using. Subsequently, this means that there is a reduced ducting length as well as possible loss of static pressure and a more potent dust-removal action.

Incorporated in the design of this portable dust collector is a carrying handle which is crucial as it makes aids in easing the hassle of transporting this dust collector.


Installing this dust collector to get it running is very easy and not something which requires you to have any specialized knowledge on how to operate these machines. Therefore, you are not expected to build a whole dust collection system to create every machine’s separate connection, as all that is needed is to fasten the 6.5 feet dust-collector hose to the device you intend to use.


The POWERTEC DC1510 Portable Dust Collector is an incredible portable dust collector which is designed to address all your dust-related troubles excellently. Being lightweight and powerful are two reasons why you need to seriously consider this machine when looking for a dust collector.

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POWERTEC Portable Dust Collector (Model DC1510)

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