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The Shop Fox W1687 3 Horsepower Dust Collector is what you need if you are planning to take your dust collection unit to the next level. It allows its users to build much larger dust collection systems, which are more complex. With an increased air suction capacity, this particular dust collector from Woodstock International’s manufacturing unit saves your valuable time from being wasted at disposing off the dust and related particles, which can create more dust by working on the machines more often. This dust collector is a wonderful and a one-time investment that will certainly go a long way in the future for all your dust-collecting needs. Go through the features and details of the product before purchasing it so that all your needs are fulfilled.


Having more benefits in the Pros versus Cons buckets, the Shop Fox W1687 3 Horsepower Dust Collector offers a wide variety of powerful features, which are unique to this product alone. Consider all these features and compare them with your required ones before making the purchase. They are mentioned as follows:

  • Dual collection bags offer more storage space for the dust, which saves time as the hassle of clearing it out after every few hours is prevented
  • Has a 3 HP motor with 220 volts, 18 amperes and is single-phase
  • Filters of 2.5 microns trap even the most hazardous of dust particles to clear out the air surrounding the user of the dust collector
  • Comprises of durable plastic bags, which can be easily disposed off. The product also comes with the replaceable ones
  • A 13-inch radial fin and balanced steel impeller
  • Comes with an airflow adjustment flap
  • This product is portable as it has casters, which ensure its easy portability
  • It comes with one 8-inch and four 4-inches inlets, which make it eligible to be used with multiple machinery items
  • It is a CSA certified product, which increases its reliability
  • A maximum inlet size of 8 inches
  • It has an air suction capacity of 2800 CFM with a shipping weight of around 202 pounds
  • Can be protected against unauthorized use through the safety lockout key, which is included in the paddle switch
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty from the date of manufacture


  • Powerful motor helps clear out the air from wood dust in no time
  • Easy to assemble within a short span of time
  • Not too noisy as compared to other dust collectors
  • Large storage space for dust and other impurities
  • Filters even hazardous particles out of the air to allow the user to breathe in clean and fresh air
  • Can be made stationary and portable as per the user’s needs


  • This product is for wood dust only
  • It is quite heavy as compared to the other products


Grab on to the Shop Fox W1687 3 Horsepower Dust Collector today to clear out your workshop from any foreign particles that are generated via all the woodworking activities, and feel the difference!

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