WEN 3401 5.7-Amp with 12-Gallon Bag

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Do you remember the last time you were happy that the sawdust in your workshop was under control? It’s hard to remember because it rarely happens! Keeping your workshop clean and dust free is key to being happy and safe while working. The WEN 3401 with the 12-gallon bag and optional wall mount does just that. This powerful 5.7 amp motor can move over 660 cubic feet of air per minute, sucking out all the dust from your shop!


This model comes with a 6-inch impeller that is combined with a4-inch dust port inlet. This combination allows you to connect this WEN machine to all your favorite tools. Additionally, this unit comes with four 1-3/4 inch swivel casters. These swivel casters lock in place to secure the system and prevent unwanted movement.

A built-in wall mount is an excellent feature that is of great benefit for compact shops and small work spaces. The unit comes with removeable wheels.

The WEN 3401 is compatible with the WEN 10-Foot Dust Hose (model number 28200) and the WEN 20-Foot Dust Hose (model number 28221).

The good

Right out of the box, we found that this is quite a decent dust collection system. It satisfied all the tools we tested it with including a bandsaw, router, planer and modified contractor saw. We jumped around and used it on each tool that was no more than 12 feet away.

The design is compact, which makes for easy transportation and storage. The noise level was manageable. If you already wear ear protection (which you should), you will hardly tell when it’s on and suctioning.

If you don’t have the floor space in your workshop, this unit can be wall-mounted (which we highly recommend doing!). It won’t make a huge difference, but it will save you space. It’s a setup that works well for a small work space.

The bad

We were surprised that the dust collector bag did not come with a zipper. This seems like such a small feature that would not cost much to add but has a big impact on customers. You have to shake out the dust out of a 4-inch opening, a bit of a pain and a small inconvenience.


The WEN 3401 with 12-gallon bag is an extremely cost effective dust collector that is worth the price given all the features. WEN also supports this product with a 2-year warranty and access to WEN customer service.


This WEN dust collector model is a top purchase for those first times with a small workshop and minor dust collection needs. If you have a bigger workshop, you may not find this model to be sufficient and would likely need to go with a bigger one.

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WEN 3401 5.7-Amp with 12-Gallon Bag

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