WEN Air Filtration System (3-Speed Model)

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A workshop rarely stays clean. After a few working days, it becomes dusty posing a few health issues. To remain healthy, you should always ensure that your garage is clean. Luckily, you do not need to clean your garage several times a day to keep it clean as all you need is to invest in a WEN air filtration system. The air filtration system is a proven unit that serves its purpose of keeping the surroundings clean by effectively getting rid of dust. With the WEN 3-speed system (model 3410), you can ensure that the health and safety of people working in your garage are cared for by eliminating air quality issues that can pose serious health problems.

Watt size

Despite being efficient and affordable, the unit is also energy efficient. Powered by 120V, 60Hz, 1A motor, the unit is one of the most efficient air filtration systems with a capability of filtering a room (of about 400 square feet) 7.5 times every working hour! The motor despite being highly powerful (as you can tell by the capabilities) is exceptionally quiet. It runs between 50 and 60dBA depending on the selected fan speed. The fan can be set at three different speeds that include 300CFM, 350 CFM, and 400 CFM.


With a powerful 1/6 HP motor that operates at 50 to 60 dB of noise, you can expect to work in a quality working environment that is comparable to a quiet office. The unit also comes with easily replaceable filter and prefilter, a 26-feet range remote control, three fan speeds, and a timer.

The unit’s 5-micron outer filter is designed to remove larger dust particles while the 1-micron inner filter is built for the smaller particles ensuring that your garage air is clean by eliminating up to 99 percent. You also do not need to closely monitor the unit thanks to the programmable timer that lets you keep the units running for an extended time. The time delay feature also helps save power by automatically turning off the unit once the cycle is complete.

You also do not need to operate the unit while standing next to it. The remote control allows you to turn the unit on and off and even choose between the three speeds of 400, 350 and 300 CFM. The remote control also lets you set the time delay feature. The unit also comes with a handle and mounting hooks for easy mounting. Its lightweight design allows you to move the unit freely from one room to another.


The Wen 3410 three-speed air filtration system is an economical air filtration system that is worth its price. It also comes with a 2-year warranty, which is a testimony of its quality.


The WEN air filtration system is a real winner for those looking for value investment. It is built to be rugged and dependable, which makes it ideal for working environments like the garage. It is also a high-performance unit that guarantees satisfactory results every other day. The price, quality, and performance of the WEB brand makes it one of the best air filtration systems for a home workshop.

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WEN3-Speed Remote-Controlled Air Filtration System

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