WEN has been manufacturing and distributing some of the highest quality power tools since the 1950s! The company was founded by Nick Anton in 1951 and is known for combining tools and power to create power tools. Investing significantly in R&D, the company is a pioneer in some of today’s most common power tools such as the jigsaw, chainsaw, soldering gun, and knife sharepeners (all electric of course!).

WEN continued to pioneer and innovate, with its product line growing over the years to cover a wide range of woodworking tools such as drill presses, bench grinders, hand tools, generators, air compressors, and dust collector systems!

The growth continued and by 2001, the company sold over 50 million units. To this day, WEN is a key player in the woodworking industry and is a partner to millions of artisan and professional woodworkers.

WEN Dust Collectors

This Illinois, USA based company manufacturers a wide range of dust collector systems, that can be ordered through distributors and on Amazon. Their dust collectors are known to be compact, powerful, transportable, and most importantly affordable. They pack a great bang for your buck.

We have tested many WEN dust collectors and have reviewed them on our website.

  1. WEN 3401 5.7 Amp with 12-Gallon Bag

An excellent dust collector at a great price, this WEN 3401 system can typically be purchased for less than $200.  The 5.7 amp motor is quiet and can suction over 660 cubic feet of air per minute. Perfect for a small work space or shop.

  1. WEN 3410 3-Speed System

This WEN 3410 system can suction air at the following three speeds: 300CFM, 350 CFM, and 400 CFM. It comes equipped with a 1/6 HP motor. Another economical unit for those with a small space.


Most WEN dust collector systems come with a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase. We find this to be a good warranty compared to some of the other manufacturers.