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Shop FoxFor those of you who haven’t heard about dust collectors, these systems will be explained to you in this post. I would also like to talk about Shop Fox Dust Collectors and their specifications as one of the best on the market.

But, before we move to the general part, let’s share couple words about what dust collectors are.

The dust collector is actually a system/device that improves the air released through one industrial process by collecting dust and other harmful particles from it. This means that basically one dust collector is mostly used to maintain or improve air quality.

One device has 3 key parts including blower, filter cleaning system, dust filter, and dust removal system. Dust collectors are different from the typical air cleaners because they only use disposable filters to remove the dust.

Another thing you will want to know is that there are 5 types of industrial dust collectors including Fabric filters, Wet scrubbers, Unit Collectors, Inertial separators and Electrostatic precipitators.

You can always get more information by visiting the official Wikipedia post about Dust collectors on the following link – Dust Collector.

Woodstock International Inc is a company that sells dust collectors and other types of machines (woodworking and metalworking). The company also provides all kind of machine parts which can be shipped to any place in the USA within 24 hours once the order is placed. In continuation of this post, we will describe a few different types of dust collectors this company sells.  Read our review of each dust collector from the Shop Fox series.

  1. W1685 SHOP FOX 1-1/2 HP Dust Collector

This dust collector from Shop Fox is very powerful with a motor that runs on 110V. The W1685 dust collector is for industrial or any other process that includes the use of wood.

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2. W1687 SHOP FOX 3 HP 2,800 CFM

If you are looking for a powerful dust collector system then you definitely want to check the model of W1687 3 HP 2800 CFM. What makes this device different than the others it’s the increased capacity of the air collector with double collection setup? This dust collector is only for wood dust ONLY!

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3. W1826 SHOP FOX Wall Dust Collector

W1826 Wall Dust Collector which is quiet small compared to the other 2 we already reviewed. This collector is great to be used if you want to capture the dust right out of the woodworking machine (537 CFM capacity). This means that it is for wood dust only. W1826 will eliminate the possibility of having reduced effect in the work of the duct system.

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4. W1727 SHOP FOX 1 HP 800 CFM

The following dust collector is known for the ability to be moved from machine to machine when it’s needed. Having a portable dust collector can help you save your time and will free you from the need of building dust systems and using duct for each of your machines. The W1727 1 HP 800 CFM can nicely fit with floor sweeps, miter saws, stand-mounted dust collection nozzles and more.

5. W1666 Shop Fox 2 HP Dust Collector

The last one in the Shop Fox series of dust collectors is the W1666 2 HP model which runs on 2 HP motor and it has 12” Heavy Duty impeller. Like the other 4 in the series this one is for wood dust only.

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Each product in the Shop Fox series comes with a two-year warranty.  They have two big warehouses in the USA from where they ship their orders so if you order on-line you should get the product quickly.

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